Craft Beer Advent Calendar Beer 13

Today’s beer is a good beer. It’s December 13th and we have a beer from North Carolina brewery The Duck-Rabbit. It’s a fantastic ruby red scotch style ale by the name of Wee Heavy, which is perfect for this frigidly frosty day. It comes in a 355mL bottle and weights in at 8.0% ABV; so it is a bit on the heavy side.


The beer pours a ruby red, with a thin white head. It’s a lively beer with good carbonation. It looks unfiltered. The colour is phenomenal and breath taking, it’s got a nice jewel like quality. The carbonation makes it really come to life and shine inducing a slight glimmer.

On the nose we get a lot of malts, grains, roasted and toasted malts, spicy hops. This is a beer that promises a lot of grains, and it delivers. It’s very malt forward and grain forward. Flavour wise we get a lot of sweet, strong caramel malts, strong grains, strong bread type flavour, toasted malts flavour, bit of fresh hops, high carbonation, spice, and alcohol warmth. I like how well developed this beer is—it’s not one dimensional, but it’s nuanced and develops really nicely. The first flavour compliments the aroma well—we smell bread and grain, we taste caramel and grains. It really almost makes me think of a sticky toffee pudding flavour. It’s a beer with a lot of sweetness, but enough bitter hops to cut right through it particularly on the finish. Carbonation is high and body is medium. We get a lot of warmth from the high ABV along with a suggestion of spiciness. It’s a very nice beer and one that is well balanced.


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