Craft Beer Advent Calendar Beer 15

Okay, we are back on track folks! Todays beer comes to us from Colorado brewery Crazy Mountain and its their 2017 Bridge Street Holiday Ale. I don’t know much about this brewery, but their description of the beer is quite nice and the label artwork is neat. The beer comes in at a 6.5% which isn’t what I’d call a strong beer but it’s labeled as such. It’s a 22 IBU, so right off the bat we know this wont be a hop bomb—the focus here is the seasonal spice and maple syrup. It comes in a 355mL bottle. They even give us the SRM which is 16, which for those of you who don’t know means it is in the amber range of colours—this is relevant stuff if you are judging a beer, but overall you can tell by appearance it’s amber, and SRM isn’t really relevant unless you plan on brewing a beer to fit a style in which case there are parameters on that kind of stuff…but this is a flavoured beer, which means you can basically go nuts. This though would constitute a Winter Seasonal Beer, which to my knowledge the judging on that is fairly lax, save for the ABV which is suggested to be over 6.0%.


Appearance wise, this beer pours a nice amber. It is filtered from the looks of it. It forms a creamy white head with adequete formation. Aroma wise we get a bit of biscuit type malts, bit of caramel and we get a lot of maple syrup. There is no notable hop profile in terms of aroma, in these kinds of beers it simply is not the focus.

Flavour wise—we get a lot of maple syrup. It almost feels like I am drinking carbonated and watered down maple syrup in fact. We get a bit of those biscuit malts again. There is a lot of sweetness, but there is some bitternes to blend it all together however there is something missing in the mix so it would lose some point for balance. We get a lot of winter spice flavours—mostly cloves. I get a bit of hops on the finish and a bit of earthy bitterness. The beer has a bit of a carbonic bite and I find my tongue losing it’s sensitivity as I continue drinking it—the flavours just seem to dull so it’s either the beer or my tongue and based on the pinprick sensation I have drinking it, I’ll blame the beer. There is a hint diacetyl—however I wouldn’t call it a fault, in fact it contributes to the overall maple syrup mouth feel. Overall the beer is medium bodied, erring on the side of slick. I personally am not a fan of these kinds of beers—that said, I’d pair this with churros, or doughnuts, or if I had to go savoury I’d maybe pair it with chicken or fish, maybe risotto.


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