Craft Beer Advent Calendar Beer 16

On the 16th we have a very special Yorkshire beer from Wold Top Brewery called Ditto. This is a special beer not just because it is in the advent calendar, and not just because it is a good beer. It is a special beer because it was produced in a very small quantity to celebrate the birth of identical twins to the brewery owner. I also enjoy a beer with a cool story, and this is kind of cool—imagine owning a brewery and having twins and then getting to make a beer to commemorate it? It makes it more fitting that they chose to do make a doppel bock style beer.


The beer itself comes in a 330mL bottle, weighing in at 7.0% ABV; it’s labelled a strong beer and promises to be a rich dark malty beer with munich and crystal malts.

The beer itself pours a nice dark soda brown with glimmers of ruby and produces a white head with poor retention due to the higher ABV. The beer itself has good carbonation. Overall from an appearance standpoint it seems fairly true to style.

On the nose we get strong malt aromas including some caramelized sugar, toasted biscuit, with some hints of plum or raisins. The scent is also quite warming, likely coming from the ABV but also from the malt profile.

Flavour wise, this is a nice beer. It’s a very good example of the style and it is well done. The dominant flavour is the malt profile with a lot of toastiness, caramel, with a little bit of pancake syrup type flavouring—note, not a buttery type syrup but almost more of a brown sugar caramelization. Further to that we get flavours of bavarian style bread. It’s very fresh, and just tastes like a good winter beer. We get an adequete amount of warmth from the ABV. No discernible hop profile. The beer is medium bodied with good carbonation. It is a good beer to pair with game meats like venison, duck would be a nice pairing, but of course you can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned burger topped with some bacon. This is an excellent beer, and a great nod to 5th generation of the family at Wold Top.


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