Craft Beer Advent Calendar Beer 18

Full Christmas countdown is on—the trees have been picked over, cookies made, and all the trimmings put up. To wind down on a day filled with wrapping and more wrapping, I cracked open todays beer—straight out of England, Ticketybrew Company’s Salted Caramel Coffee Stout. It is a fairly new brewery that focuses on using Belgian yeasts. This beer is fairly mild at 5.4% ABV and comes in a 330mL bottle. It promises a milk stout full of Peruvian coffee, chocolate, and salted caramel. The beer is bottle conditioned, so please ensure you refrigerate appropriately, pour gently, and open carefully.


The beer pours a dark chocolate brown, think Lindt 99% with a cloud like head with great retention—colour erring closer to white than cream. It’s a very pretty beer. The beer is unfiltered with a lot of sediment. On the nose we get aromas of coffee, lactose, and malts—I don’t get much chocolate, but I do get caramel from the malts. It smells a little like commercial tiramisu; not enough cocoa or brandy to make it authentic.

Flavour wise—it’s very good, it’s not too sweet, which sometimes with salted caramel is what you get. You get very pronounced dark chocolate flavouring with coffee with only a suggestion of salted caramel. Again the caramel really does come through from the malts so it doesn’t impart and aggressive sweetness, but the salt does cut through the chocolate and coffee quite nicely. We get a bit of a light espresso feel with a hint of earthiness on the finish. Overall I find the beer has a chocolate milk like quality which is enhanced by the lactose. It’s a very nice beer and at 5.4% it’s an easy beer to drink. I’d actually pair this beer with tiramisu, it seems quite fitting.


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