Craft Beer Advent Calendar Beer 19 & 20

Hi folks, today we are going to play the game of double down our beers—which is where I have 2 beers in one day and blog about both. Yesterdays beer was Sound Brewery’s Baltic Porter Black Lager (355mL and 7.8% ABV) and todays beer is Loncium’s Gingerbread Man Dark Ale (330mL 6.3%). I chose to do this because I found both of the beers had a lot of commonalities and some mild differences—obviously since one is a porter and the other is a spiced/flavoured dark ale.


Both beers pour a dark black and produce a moderate head with adequate retention. On the nose of the Baltic Porter we get roasted malts, espresso, chocolate, caramel, while the Gingerbread Man has all of that plus cinnamon, cloves, anise, and you guessed it a hint of ginger spice to marry it all together.

Flavour wise, both are good and what you’d expect in the beers—I prefer the Baltic porter, it’s more my style, it’s a bit of a classic porter with a stronger malt profile which I always enjoy. That said the Gingerbread man holds his own; it’s spiced, but not overly so—it’s not syrupy sweet, in fact I’d wager it isn’t particularly sweet on it’s own so much as it has a good amount of fruity esters and spices. I actually really enjoyed having these two beers side by side, they make an excellent side by side pairing. I’d pair both beers with the same meal, I’d have the Baltic Porter with a nice burger, and then enjoy the Gingerbread man with a bit of sticky toffee pudding for dessert or a nice ginger-molasses chocolate chip cookie with maybe some ice cream.


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